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UK Jewellery Festival 2022

Organised by the Retail Jeweller Magazine on September 1st in London, this is the first jewellery exhibition FLORINA participated in only a couple of months after manufacturing its first two capsule collections Muses and Primordial.


FLORINA was offered by the organisers to share the stand with the multi-award-winning fine jeweller Zeemou Zheng.


The FLORINA jewellery equips the wearer with inspiration for life, faith in their regeneration power and skills, and ultimately, with protection through beauty, aesthetics and life mystery.

More suppliers join the line up at the UK Jewellery Festival | Retail Jeweller (

Jewellery Show 2022

During 5-6 September, FLORINA participated in this jewellery exhibition that replaced the famous IJL in London.


This is a Jewellery Show visitor's testimonial : “Special, beautiful and enigmatic just as people are. In their fluidity, FLORINA jewels appear very powerful, lively and exude grace and elegance. I love them so much. "

FLORINA - Inspired by Primordial Gold Energy - Jewellery Show 2023 (

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Luxury Fairs Reportage 2022

FLORINA jewellery was included in the Luxury Fairs Reportage for the Jewellery Show 2022.

FLORINA jewellery was appreciated as "different, unique, beautiful from far and unseen before, simple and elegant, having a fluid design, eye-catching, comfortable to wear."


Several visitors even said that FLORINA showcased "the only design I could see from far at the fair".

Jewellery Show Reportage - Luxury Fairs


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Learn about the Galaxia ring's symbolism as unveiled by the FLORINA designer herself:

GALAXIES ON YOUR FINGER – customers4fashion (

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