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New Pre-order Campaign

New Pre-order Campaign


Prosperity Campaign


FLORINA turns its designer's birthday on the 30th of April into a Christmas sales window.
🍀The 30th of April is the eve of a pristine Prosperity Celebration 🌱

🍀15% off for New Customers
🍀20% off for Returning Customers – take this once in a year opportunity!

Launched 28 April  - Ending 2 May 2024 at 2 PM 

Known as the Walpurgis Night thanks to Saint Walpurga's work,

the #healing day of the 30th of April is closely related to the  1st of May #mayday #festival ,

naturally marking the beginning of prosperity 🍒 :

Cattle were driven out to summer pastures.

Flowers <<Florina>>, #protective plants and fruits would decorate houses to bring #goodfortune 🌹

#prosperity , #regeneration and #protection are #guiding #beliefs of our jewellery brand.


FLORINA is a spring and #revival brand.
Tune into the Prosperous Spirit of spring with #gratitude!

The offered Primordial necklace or the Galaxia ring

can envelope your home and dear ones in abundance, joy and protection.

❤️A high-carat #goldjewellery outstandingly #handfinished and made to last lifetimes.

Just as the primordial #treasures that nourish its #authentic #essence !

🌟We sell in all trust based on pre-order and jewellery trial only.

Follow our campaign every day and pre-order with FLORINA!

Roxana Florina Popa

FLORINA Designer

Galaxia on Peaches_edited.jpg

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Adorn yourself with rare find jewellery


Inspired by the pristine image of

the prosperous world evoked by

5th - 3rd millenia BC gold treasures.


Creating from this source

is a premiere.

 You are opting for a true niche brand in all senses.


"Special, beautiful and enigmatic just as people are.

In their fluidity, FLORINA jewels appear very powerful, lively and exude grace and elegance.

I love them so much."

Jewellery Show UK visitor.


Well-wishing symbolism to breathe life into your best aspirations.


Vivid creations revealing

subtle hints of life inspiration, regeneration power

and protection

at the right moment.

Authentic Design

Treasure Inspiration

Highly polished


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