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Fascinated by the light of millennial treasures? Let's revive our initial beliefs about adorning ourselves with gold. Freeing ourselves from the metal, we feel a profound connection with the Universe.

Gold jewellery expands our sensorial life acting as a luminous gateway that inspires our spirit and body.

 Gold becomes a symbol of guidance and confidence, the energy shaping our lives.


I absolutely adore the concept Elegance above fashion ! My passion for beautiful, articulated lines truly inspires me. To bring out the finesse and strength in every woman, I infused femininity into geometrical forms. In FLORINA jewellery, fluidity turns into continuous calligraphy and shapes that embrace a woman's fingers, embellish her with ingenuity and guide her hand as in the delicate movement of a dancing ritual.


I felt excited to bring new innovative codes to life. Stylising primordial treasures, I found that principles of creation in jewellery reflect values that promote life in society:

Freedom & Connection.

I dreamt of unconventional wearable shapes and visual novelties:

A geometrical elevation,

 a royal position for gold.


I believe designing is an incredible journey that is all about unleashing the creative life force of

the wearer and imbuing them

with a sense of protection.

Meaningfulness is a higher purpose we long for. FLORINA creation offers an empowering wand

that fulfils this aspiration. Unlike jewellery that focuses solely on aesthetics and a technical brief.

Join in anchoring our design into the contemporary world and doing good.

FLORINA brand logo, your next jewellery, unique gold jewellery

FLORINA is proud to collaborate with top-notch European jewellery workshops, combining industry expertise with an engineering background. The meticulous hand polishing preserves the treasure essence and the finishing imprint of

the primordial craftsman prompting clients to ask if the jewellery is entirely handmade. These qualities have earned FLORINA jewellery recognition as "exceeding the standards of any jewellery gallery". Designer Roxana Popa leverages these strengths to create daring, multidimensional shapes that embody a refined, free-spirited elegance and captivate with never-before-seen intricacies. Her design breaks free from the limits of the physical precious metal, taking the client to the heights of her ultimate creative vision:

unattached jewellery that appears to float on your body, accompanies you and

dances as a gold playful light. 

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