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Corporis is our vehicle of life, our laboratory of creation. Its shape can be seen as a vase, a fertile uterus and even as a fish diving into the fresh water it feels good in. A form that we can see in our body from temples to chin, from shoulders to basin. This ring honours the shape that propels our life forward and allows us to "in-corporate" our dearest life desires.


This ring is a perfect gift for dear ones to wish them health, creativity, fertility and prosperity in their life endeavours.

Corporis ring

SKU: 0003
£2,000.00 Regular Price
£1,600.00Sale Price
  • Inspired by the anthropomorphic idol "en violon" representing the Mother Goddess belonging to the Moigrad treasures (IVth millennium BC) .

    Material: 18 carat yellow gold.

    Sizes in stock: L, M (UK sizes) / 51, 52 (EU sizes).

    Advice on your size at

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