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The Primordial design allows freedom for the mystery to stay a mystery, be always imagined and reveal subtle hints at the right moment. The mystery is sublimated in the shape of hope and faith that seeds are to flourish and abundance to come.


Associated with the Polar Star, the symbolism of this jewellery guides the wearer in their life direction and vocation.


The FLORINA jewellery aims to equip the wearer with inspiration for life, faith in their regeneration power and skills, and ultimately, with protection through beauty, aesthetics and life mystery.


FLORINA pays tribute to a pure, convivial, light and fertile world.

Primordial long earrings

SKU: 0004
£2,495.00 Regular Price
£1,996.00Sale Price
  • Inspired by primordial gold treasures from Calarasi (millenium IV BC).

    Materials: 18 carat yellow gold.

    Details: chain length: 2.7 cm / motive height: 1.9 cm

    The image shows the long earrings.

    For ordering a preferred chain length, enquire for advice at

    Made in Paris.

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